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Empowering adults with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to have a job. Utilize our services and invest in social change!

"There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more."
- Robert M. Hensel

We're Proud to Offer:

Dog Biscuits
Our clients handle every aspect of baking our all-natural & delicious-tasting dog treats.  Buy some today for your pampered pooch!


Community pop up Stands
Our clients enjoy working in our retail pop-up stands. They learn customer service skills, fulfilling orders and money management.

Hand Made Gifts
Our clients create handmade gift products then sell them online, and once a month at Country Harvest Bakery & Cafe in downtown Lincoln.

Enjoying Coffee

coffee cart service
Our clients provide coffee & tea for patrons at our office in Fair Oaks. Come enjoy a tasty beverage. Our clients have worked hard to learn how to measure, pour, greet customers & serve drinks with a smile!

Dog Walking Service
Coming soon! A professional, courteous, and warm-hearted dog walking service. Please contact us if interested!

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