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Class Descriptions

All of our classes are designed to increase independence, ability to follow directions & improve social skills in our developmentally delayed clients. Each class is $25/hour (increasing to $40/hour on 9/1) and we require a parent or aide to remain on-site with the client.  We accept private pay clients & Alta clients who are participating in the self-determination program.

Our Classes

Vertical Colored Pencils


We will be making a variety of art using different mediums such as paint, clay, markers & other materials. Join us to have fun, create some great art & bring your imagination to life!

Healthy Cooking


 Learn how to prep & make simple meals. Students will learn to use a variety of appliances. We will be making lunch or a snack & enjoying it together as a group. 

Folded Towels

Life Skills

 Learn and practice a wide variety of life skills. From daily household chores, to making a grocery list to navigating a bus schedule, our life skills class will be focusing on cultivating everyday skills adults need to succeed in their daily lives. Tasks will be broken down and taught at each individual's level.  

Deck of Cards

Leisure Skills

Our leisure time skills class focuses on activities that are necessary for our well-being to help us relieve stress, meet and interact with others and to bring happiness to our lives. What do we do when we are not working? How do we spend our unstructured time? Having fun! This class will focus on teaching individuals how to participate in leisure activities like board games and sports. Skills like taking turns, understanding winning and losing, and planning fun activities will be taught and practiced.

Coffee Shop

Job Skills

We will be prepping & training for our coffee service on Thursday morning. Clients will be measuring water, pouring into the coffee maker, restocking supplies & passing out promotional flyers to area businesses.


Coffee Service

Let's serve coffee (or tea or hot cocoa)! This is a FREE employment training where you get to practice what you  learned in job skills class. We will be making custom orders for customers & taking payments. 

paper shredding.jpg

Work Training

This is a 2-hour class that focuses on working at various jobs created within our program. The idea is to gain hands-on job experience. New skills will be taught and practiced weekly. We will be working on skills like paper sorting and shredding, gardening, pet care and introduction to computer skills. Like our other classes, this class can be modified to meet everyone's needs and level. 

Big Kick

Fitness Class

Come get fit! This class will offer a variety of activities to incorporate fitness for all ability levels. Yoga, basketball and kickball to name a few! 


Music clas

We offer 2 music classes, Music & Movement and Music Appreciation. Kaelan teaches Music Appreciation,  which focuses on listening to different genres of music & facilitated discussion afterwards. Non-verbal clients are encouraged to bring their AAC devices. Jennifer teaches Music & Movement, whch incorporates simple dance moves & fun videos.

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