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Our Story

Pathways to Employment Corporation was founded in 2017 by Kim Christensen, who envisioned a future where her special needs daughter, Brynne, could lead a life of purpose. Unable to find a program that would meet her daughter's needs, she set out to create a program for her. She enlisted the help of like-minded parents and professionals, who envision a future where ALL people are employed, regardless of their disability.

Located in Fair Oaks, CA, we are a community of parents, volunteers and board members dedicated to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing employment skills training.

Our Clients

Our clients span a wide range of independence levels. Some clients create products independently, others require an aide, sometimes prompting them hand-over-hand to make these unique products.

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Our Passion& Purpose

Our organization empowers young adults with developmental disabilities by giving them the skills they need for employment and volunteer opportunities. Each of our clients takes pride in their work, helping to foster a sense of purpose, community & independence.

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