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"A wonderfully unique program offering not only the practice of various art skills and job training skills, but also opportunities to laugh with and enjoy friends. Such programs are extremely difficult to find in the Sacramento region for some populations. Pathways to Employment is really vital to the area."

         Pathways to Employment has placed multiple clients in meaningful work positions throughout Northern California. Our community members benefit from the direct interaction they get with our clients and start to see our young adults for more than just being disabled. Our clients demonstrate the following skills: improved confidence working with customers, improved verbal and social skills, increased independence, improved fine motor skills, improved motor planning, better math skills, increased community participation, sense of purpose that comes from having a job and learning new skills.

Employment Skills Training Program


Our Employment Skills Training program empowers young adults with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities to learn important job skills. We offer our clients real-world employment experiences through a variety of businesses & volunteer opportunities in our community. All of our employment skills training opportunities are community-based & free to attend for Regional Center clients.


Where Everyone's Employable

We want to create a future where all people who choose to be employed have the opportunity to get a job, regardless of their disability. Our clients span a wide range of functioning levels but they all have a sense of purpose and belonging.


We are always interested in more opportunities for our clients to participate in our Employment Skills Training Program. We are open to any location that provides a sensory-friendly & SAFE environment for our clients. Please reach out to us if you are interested in having Pathways to Employment participate in your next event!

coffee service


Join us at our coffee service every Thursday morning from 9:30-11:30AM! Learn to prepare beverages for our customers. Our experienced staff specializes in helping developmentally disabled young adults learn valuable employment skills in our supportive environment. We welcome non-verbal & high-support needs clients. 

We encourage our community supporters to purchase a cup in support of our clients. Serving up hot beverages & social change, one cup at a time. Located at 9813 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite A, Fair Oaks, CA.


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