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Interested in being a corporate partner? We have sponsorship opportunities and are in need of internship positions for our clients.

Pathways to Employment has placed multiple clients in meaningful work positions throughout northern California. Our community members benefit from the direct interaction they get with our clients and start to see our young adults for more than just being disabled. Our clients demonstrate the following skills: improved confidence working with customers, improved verbal and social skills, increased independence, improved fine motor skills, improved motor planning, better math skills, increased community participation, sense of purpose that comes from having a job and learning new skills.

We are poised for immense growth in 2023!  We have partnered with Therapeutic Language Clinic in Fair Oaks, CA. Our partnership has allowed us to sublease a 2,500 sq/ft building adjacent to their clinic.  We will be offering a coffee service to clinic patrons & hope to start a  shredding business that serves area businesses in January of 2023. Since we primarily serve individuals with intense behaviors, the success of our program is dependent upon our ability to hire & train quality staff. This population has the most intense needs and is the most underserved in our region - but have a lot to offer the workplace as wells as the community!


We pride ourselves in our ability to attract & retain some of the best instructors in our area. We want to provide the same high-quality support staff in a 1:1 ratio to work directly with our clients.

We are in need of financial contributions from individuals and companies like you to help us accomplish our goals. Thank you for your consideration. For more information regarding our special partnership program, please contact Kim Christensen at 916 784 9809.

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