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we recognize that the generous donations from our partners and supporters are what make our work possible. If you're interested in transforming lives, we invite you to fill out our form. 

Pathways to Employment, established in 2017, is a non-profit that aims to empower young adults with developmental disabilities by providing them with the skills necessary for employment and volunteer opportunities. Our organization believes in the employment potential of all individuals, and is committed to promoting social change by offering a sense of purpose, community, and independence.

Since then, we have acquired a 2,500-square-foot office in Fair Oaks and established our Job Readiness Program. Having a permanent location enables us to serve a greater number of clients on a more frequent basis. We provide fee-based classes that focus on physical fitness, cooking, arts and crafts, and employment training. These classes are open to the general public as well. We emphasize the importance of building relationships between our clients and those without disabilities.

In the fall of 2017, our organization began operating concession stands at local soccer games, staffed by volunteer students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism, from nearby schools. Our clients also began creating handmade items to enhance our offerings and boost sales at the stands that same year.

In 2023, we are expecting significant growth as we have joined forces with Therapeutic Language Clinic located in Fair Oaks, California. We plan to provide a coffee service to the clinic's customers and aim to establish a shredding business that serves local businesses in the same year. Given that our target group comprises individuals with high-intensity behaviors, our success rests heavily on our ability to recruit and train competent staff. This population, despite having the most pressing needs, remains largely neglected in our region but possesses great potential to contribute to both the workforce and the community. To help us achieve our objectives, we seek financial support from individuals and corporations. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Here's what our clients' parents are saying about Pathways to Employment:

"We’ve found an awesome social group for Big Dude that he is loving! They made ornaments and snowmen fruit kabobs this visit. Grateful for the wonderful folks at Pathways to Employment for the opportunity!"

"Shout out to my dear friend, Kim for creating this beautiful space for our children to develop friendships, make crafts, and practice their social skills. We are so grateful!"

"I'm truly grateful to have found a safe, welcoming program for my son to practice his social skills. If you know a teen or young adult on the spectrum who's struggling with isolation or just looking to make new friendships, check out Pathways to Employment social skills program!"

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