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The internet offers convenience for so many necessities in our lives, but it can also present challenges and dangers. This class will address and review online etiquette, an understanding of email safety, virtual friendships, phishing and online dating safety. This is a 10-week series of classes on starting Tuesday, June 18th through August 20th from 1:30-2:20PM


June 18th-Digitial Footprint & Social Media

This first class will describe what is meant by a digital footprint


June 25th- Digital Footprint & Social Media

Students will identify different social media platforms, identify the role social media has in their lives and how their "digital reputation" can have a positive or negative effect.


July 2nd - Digital Footprint & Social Media

The impacts of having a negative and/or positive digital footprint.


July 9th- Digital Footprint & Social Media

Students will identify how your social reputation affects your future and steps to creating a positive social reputation.


July 16th-Navigating Websites Safely

Students will learn terminology associated with being online to allow for safe navigation of websites


July 23rd-Navigating Websites Safely

Students will learn how to use the C.R.A.P. detection to test websites and determine if the site is valid and real.


July 30th-Email

Students will learn the importance of communicating via email in a professional setting.


August 6th-Online Bullying

Students will learn what online bullying is effective strategies for handling online bullying.


August 13th - Online Dating

Students will learn how to set up a profile and steps to staying safe when online dating.


August 20th - Review 

Wrap up and review of entire course topics



Technology Safety

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