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Come join us for Relationships Decoded. This is an 8 week course that is purchased as a series beginning on Friday, March 15th. Give your child the knowledge to create and maintain healthy relationships and foster their personal growth and happiness! This class and curriculum are designed with the intent to help your child understand and develop the ability to create healthy relationships, as well as empower them to recognize signs of sexual abuse and coercion. Educating them on how to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships will not only grant them the ability to recognize dangers in relationships but promote their emotional well-being by focusing on things like the importance of communication, boundaries, and respect. Ticket for 1 participant to attend our Relationships Decoded class on Fridays @ 4PM-5:30PM on selected date at 9813 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite A in Fair Oaks, CA. Drop off event for participants who are independent in the bathroom & not receiving protective supervision under IHSS. All other I/DD participants will require a parent or aide to stay on the premises. 


March 15th Week 1: Introduction

-Introduction to Relationships 

-Personal Space


March 22nd  Week 2: Assertiveness Training

-Assertive Communication

-Does This Require Assertiveness? 


March 29th No Class


April 5th Week 3: Appropriate Attraction


-Who is Available?


April 12th Week 4: Dating

-Dating & Emotions

-Public Dating & Dating Safety 


April 19th Week 5: Touching

-Touching in Public

-Sexual Touching 


April 26th Week 6: Consent and Sexual Abuse

-Consent and Sexual Boundaries

-Sexual Abuse


May 3rd Week 7: Birth Control and STD's

-Birth Control

-Sexually Transmitted Diseases


May 10th Week 8: 

-Summary, review & answer questions

Relationships Decoded

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